Heirloom Popcorn

Heirloom Popcorn is Nature's Healthy Gourmet Snack

About Heirloom Popcorn

Heirloom Popcorn dates back as early as the 1800's. It is GMO-Free, usually grown organically and is seeing a rise in popularity for it's health, taste and thin hull benefits.

GMO Free
Heirloom popcorn varieties have not undergone any form of genetic modification. This is good news to people who are worried about the effects of genetically modified foods.

Better Flavor
heirloom popcorn varieties have unique flavors unlike GMO varieties that taste more or less the same if not bland. Remember most GMO varieties tend to pop/produce larger and fluffier popcorn. This means they do not offer much in terms of flavor because they have been purely bred for commercial purposes.

Organically Grown
Heirloom popcorn farmers try as much as possible to grow their crops organically. This means they do not use pesticides that could harm/pollute the environment, which is good news for environmentally conscious consumers.

Unique Variety
Although heirloom popcorn varieties have remained unchanged for years, they come in a wide range of colors. This does not mean they retain their natural colors once popped. They take on a whitish or yellowish color.

Farmers can replant seeds from this type popcorn and expect great/normal yields. In comparison, GMO varieties do not reproduce well over time. Usually, farmers have to buy fresh seeds to plant the next season.

Buy Heirloom Popcorn

All products are grown using traditional organic practices.

Japanese White Hulless

This tasty hulless heirloom variety is very light and fluffy, with a clean, nutty finish. This small-yield, difficult to grow popping corn is a real treat when available.

Baby Rice Hulless

The smallest of the heirloom popcorn, this nutty, hulless popping corn is one of the most popular varieties.



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Fiona Beuchampt

“My boyfriend and I tried Heirloom Popcorn recently and absolutely loved it! We love the fact that it's free of GMO and all natural..."

Claudette Bianci
Real Estate Professional

Fiona Beuchampt

“Love this popcorn. We are big fans of stovetop popcorn for it's health benefits and this hulless variety is our new favorite..."

Ellen Lett
Logistics Expert

Fiona Beuchampt

“Heirloom Popcorn is a huge hit with with our whole family. I especially like not picking the hulls from my teeth like the regular hybrid stuff"

Nicole Berger
Retail Purchasing


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